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Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co. Ltd. (MKM)
MKM has been a leader in the digital recording and disc manufacturing industries for years and continues to produce some of the highest quality discs on the market today.

If you look at most of the independent 3rd party studies performed over the years (like,, and now, Mitsubishi (MKM) has always been and still is, listed as one of the best disc manufacturers in the cd and dvd industry today.

The Green Tunetm Audio Mastering CD-R is manufactured exclusively by MKM. Other companies purchase MKM products and put their name on it. With the Green Tune cd, you are getting one-of-a-kind masterful technology, manufactured by the engineers and inventors themselves.

MKM first introduced the Green Tune for Mastering CD-R to Japan in October of 2005. MKM was also the first to introduce Dual Reflective Layer (DRL Technology) to the optical media industry (used originally for double capacity or dual recordable layer discs as well as the 24K Gold and Silver layered Century Discs available in cds and dvds).

RMGI Pro Digital Media Group ( was the first to introduce the Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD-R to Recording Professionals in North America in 2007.

Green Tune CD comes in its own Amary Case

Download a PDF copy of the 2005
Original MKM Press Release
for the Green Tune CD-R here.
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