The Best Audio Mastering CD Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
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All Green Tune CD-Rs come Individually Wrapped
Available in Singles
Buy a 20 Pack and Save $20
Buy the 10-Pack and Save!
Available in 20-packs
or buy a case of 100

Every Green Tune CD-R
for Audio Mastering is
One of only 10,000 discs
manufactured at a time.

Ultra Precise Groove Tracking,
The Lowest BLER of ANY Disc,
and a Near Perfect Digital Recording
Every Single Time, or Your Money Back.
The Green Silent Coating helps to ensure
Less Wobble, Better Recordings and Better Playback Everytime!

The Green Tune CD-R
for Audio Mastering is
the Perfect Glass Master for
Audio Engineers Who Demand
the Absolute Best from All Their
Digital Audio Recordings.

Every Green Tune comes individually wrapped in a thin clear case for Disc Protection and Easy Storage.

Once You Go Green,
You'll Hear What We Mean!

Music Stores $14.95 - $29.95

Now Only
$7.99 each

+ $6.95 S/H

Studio Price $24.95 - $49.95

Sold in
cartons of 20

+ $14.95 S/H (6 lbs)

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