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Current pricing for the ALL NEW Grado Series Green Tune Audio Mastering CDs:

Individual Grado Series Green Tune Audio Mastering CD
$7.99 US plus postage

Sold in Cartons of 20 pieces
$135.00 US plus postage

Sold by the Case of 100 Pieces
$599.00 US, includes continental US Shipping

Outside of the U.S.A. Orders Call the number listed below:

Green Tune Sales
Phone Orders: 941-296-5647

Recommended Resale Pricing
These are the prices you should sell them for

Music Institutes EDU Discounts $ 7.99 - $ 14.95
Music Stores Suggested Retail $ 14.95 - $24.95
Recording Studios Value Added Resellers $ 24.95 & Up

You will need to have a valid resale certificate or Federal ID (EIN#) to purchase product at wholesale pricing.

Note: above prices are established baselines as set by industry professionals who have been using and selling the Green Tune CDs in their locations.
The ALL NEW Grado Series Green Tune CDs are packaged in cases of 100 pcs. Five 20-packs per case.

Smaller quantities are available however, the same discounts do not apply. Discounts to dealers and resellers apply on minimum purchases of 100 pieces per order.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone, any business, or institution for any reason.
See our Policies Section for more details.

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