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Who Makes the Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD?
The "Green Tune" for Audio Mastering CD is made by Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., LTD (MKM) in Japan. MKM is a Japanese chemical company and a World leader in optical media manufacturing. They create their own AZO and Super AZO Media Dyes used on the Green Tunes, the Archival Century Disc CDs and DVDs, and recently a new "Phase Change" media dye for Blu-ray (BDR) discs.

What is the Green Tune?
The Green Tune is a State of the Art, Recordable Audio-Specific CD (-r). It uses the original 74-minute recording format which gives you larger recording grooves (lands and pits) yet it still stores up to 700MB of data.

The Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD is just what its name says it is. It is the finest recordable mastering CD-R Worldwide, made with such precision and exact specifications to give you the absolute best Digital Audio Mastering Disc you'll ever find. It's porous "Green" surface and the fact that it is designed specifically for Audio Mastering, is where the name comes from.

Where Can I Purchase the Green Tune CDs?
Check with your local Audio Recording Studio, local Music Stores, or Music Institutes, if they are not carrying them yet, ask "Why Not?" Maybe they haven't heard of them yet (or they're still trying to keep them a secret). You could be the first to introduce them to the Green Tune. Tell them to "Take the Green Tune Challenge!" In the meantime, you can buy the Green Tune CDs here

When Did the Green Tune CD First Come Out?
Mitsubishi (MKM) first announced the "GREEN TUNE" to the Japanese market in 2005 but, they didn't really perfect it and go to market with it until 2006. RMGI Pro Digital Media Group brought the Green Tune CD for Audio Mastering to the States in July 2007. After convincing many audio engineers to try the Green Tune, it's finally making a name for itself. Take the "Green Tune Challenge!"

How Can I Use the Green Tune CD?
Use the Green Tune for Audio Mastering, Audio Mixing for Mobile Recording (concerts, live events) or Mobile Playback, Live Performances Direct-to-Disc Applications, LP and Analogue to Digital Transfers, Media Migration for Library Audio Applications, Demos or Test Tracking, and anywhere you would use an ordinary audio CD for capturing the best sounds possible.

The "Green Tune" for Audio Mastering CD is made specifically for Audio Mastering and Audio Recording. It can be used to store 700MBs of data, but is not designed for that purpose.

Why Is It Called the Green Tune?
It's called the Green Tune due to the color of its inkjet printable label surface. This printable surface is a unique coating which helps it to reject absorbtion of ambient and exterior mechanical noises as well as reduces vibration, allowing you to achieve a higher quality audio recording.

Can I Purchase the Green Tune CDs Online?
Yes. You Can Buy Them Here.
Or click on the BUY NOW! Button on the menu bar.

For now, we have discontinued selling the Green Tune CD to online resellers at this time. We want to give local music stores, recording studios, music and audio institutes, and other music-related localized businesses the advantage of carrying the product in-house, in hopes to help them drive more traffic to their locations. We like to support local businesses where we can.

What is the Difference Between AZO and Super AZO Media Dyes?
AZO media dye is the standard media dye for almost all recordable DVDs and many brands of recordable CDs. Super AZO Media Dye was developed by Mitsubishi (MKM) as an enhanced AZO media dye that burns cleaner, faster, and more efficiently than any other AZO media dye they have developed, so far.

Super AZO media dye has an added ingredient that ordinary AZO media dyes do not have. This organic additive is rare and once it is gone, they say it cannot be replicated or replaced, and that will be the end of this particular version of Super AZO media dye.

What that component is, is their secret ingredient and has not been told to us by name. We do know, it is one of the key components that makes the Green Tune CD sound better, run more quietly and more efficiently than other Audio Mastering discs. You really have to try it for yourself to see if this is thee Audio Mastering CD you have been looking for.

Are You Interested in Selling the Green Tune?
If you own a recording studio, a music store, or similar venue and have a physical location where people come to your store or studio (and not just a website), we are willing to sell wholesale to you if you meet this criteria. If you have an interest in selling the Green Tune CDs at your location, complete our Reseller / Dealer Support Form.

More to Come.
Check back soon.

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