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Hi, my name is Carl Glassford and
I'm inviting you to take a challenge!

But first, let me share a few things
with you about the Green Tune CD.

This amazing product is called the
Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD.

The Green Tune is designed specifically for Audio Aficionados.

This is no ordinary disc by any means.

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The Green Tune CD-R is manufactured by Mitsubishi, a world leader in optical media design and engineering

The engineers at Mitsubishi created a process called Ultra-High Precise Groove Engineering. They applied this technic to the Green Tune CD. They tweaked the recording surface (the lands and pits) to the nearest point of perfection they could possibly achieve (and then tweaked it some more).

The steel stamper die (the press) works more efficiently when less discs per run are produced. Mitsubishi only manufactures 10,000 of these discs per production run compared to ordinary disc manufacturers which produce hundreds of thousands of discs on just one stamper die. Most manufacturers produce 500,000 to 1,000,000 discs per stamper die run. Yes, unfortunately, even the ones made 'just for audio.'

Mitsubishi took the best audio recording media dye they had, reformulated it, and made a new and improved Super AZO media dye. Super AZO media dye burns cleaner, leaving no dye residue to reburn later or contaminate your recording. AZO media dye tests best in the industry.

Green Tune with Super AZO Media Dye Pictured on the Right.
The Green Tune's Recording Surface on the Right

Mitsubishi created the Green Silent Coating. A porous green colored surface that reduces exterior sounds and ambient noises. This new coating gives the Green Tune a more balanced spin, creating less surface shake, and less vibration. Which enhances your recording even more while reducing wear and tear on your laser servo.
A closeup of the Green Tune's porous surface
Less wobble, less distortion, less ambient noise, and lower block errors,
isn't that what you expect from a professional mastering disc?

The Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD-R is the Result of Kaizen

It refers to the art and science of continuous, ongoing improvement

Kaizen is the magic of taking a good process and making it great

It refers to small, steady, incremental improvements

The Relentless Pursuit for Perfection

Only You Can Decide What Your Recording is Worth to You
When you think about how much you've got invested in your music. To be given the opportunity to create an album or even a song. To be able to go into a professional recording studio to make it all come together for the first time. To finally be given the chance to be heard.

Why would you want to use anything less than the absolute best disc
you can possibly find to lay it all down?

That's why so many professional musicians and audio engineers recommend SKC and Taiyo Yuden. Taiyo Yuden is a good solid audio disc among so many average and ordinary discs around. Even brands that are made 'just for audio' often fall short of expectation. Until now, it's all we had to work with.

We Promise You'll Never be Disappointed With the Green Tune

Once you've found the Green Tune, made exclusively for audio recording, and once you learn why it's the perfect 1X up to 16X low speed mastering disc, you probably won't want to use anything else for your primary recordings and masters.

You Owe it to Yourself to Give it an Honest Try
Take the Green Tune Challenge and find out first hand why the Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD-R by Mitsubishi is being adopted by some of the greatest studios in the world today.

The Green Tune is like having a secret weapon in your music arsenal.
It's that one piece that you've been missing to re-create your perfect sound.
Everybody knows that Analogue records differently than Digital, with the
Green Tune you'll be closer than ever before to that perfect digital sound.

Each Green Tune comes with its own Amary Case.
Each Green Tune Comes With its Own Amaray Case.

Serious Media for
Serious Professionals

We Take Your Music Seriously

a Disc that Matches
Your Expectations for
a Perfect Recording

Take the Green Tune Challenge!
Guaranteed to Sound Better or Your Money Back!

Until you know first hand why the Green Tune is unique, different, worth more than its weight in gold to you, not you, nor anyone else, can honestly say whether its near perfect design and construction is what you've been looking for and what you expect from a True Recordable Audio CD.

The Green Tune for Audio Mastering CD-R
A New Canvas for Your Audio Masterpiece

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